When Can a Locksmith Help You?

Situations locksmiths can help with

Many times, people can assume that all locksmiths can help with is cutting keys and opening locks. Whilst they are able to assist in these areas, there are also so many other areas that they can help you with.

If you have never been in the position to call upon the skills and expertise of a locksmith, you may be wondering how they can help outside of the obvious.

Locksmiths can help in a variety of situations but here is just five examples:

1. Locking yourself out

When people think of locksmiths, they think of picking locks and that is for a good reason. A large part of a locksmith’s role is to help those who have been locked out of their houses or cars.

Picture the scene, you arrive home late at night and search through your pockets for your keys. You check one pocket, the other...nothing. You come to the conclusion that you must have dropped them somewhere along your journey but how does that help? How will you get into your home tonight?

That’s where emergency locksmiths come in. Many local locksmiths can be there within an hour and save you from having to break into your own house.

2. Lost or broken keys

Following on from this, a locksmith can help by repairing any broken keys. This is a common need for locksmiths, so many are incredibly experienced and will be able to repair them in a short amount of time.

Similarly, if you find you have lost or had your keys stolen, a locksmith can be on hand to replace your locks and keep you safe. It is important to contact them as soon as you realise your keys are missing to ensure that somebody who finds your keys cannot gain access to your home.

3. Securing your home following a crime

It is hard to think about but following a burglary or break into your home, it is important to call a local locksmith as quickly as possible. Although you may be focusing on your lost items and stolen goods, you need to make your future safety a priority. A locksmith will be able to take care of matters such as repairing broken locks, changing them and giving you new keys.

They will also be able to help by boarding up any broken windows or doors if necessary.

4. Moving into a new house

When you move into a new home, it is vital that you look into having the security systems updated.

Estate agents often do this prior to your moving day but it is better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a locksmith to install new locks on windows and doors won’t be a huge investment but it will be one you’ll be glad you made.

5. Forgotten safe combinations

Safes are usually used to house precious items or important documents so it is devastating and annoying when you forget the combination.

Trained locksmiths can help during these times through using specialised tools to either cut and retrieve the lock or allow you to collect your goods from it.